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Classical titles

57223, Chopin, Waltz, Op.70, No.2 F Minor,  George Copeland, $14.00
2-A*    Gershwin  Rhapsody in Blue played Vee Lawnhurst. Transcribed from the Welte Licensee roll B Roll $19.00** Temporally out of stock
53324, Schumann, Dream Vision, Op.12,  played by Theodore Henrion, $14.00

Popular titles

69883    DeSylva, Brown & Henderson, Follow Thru' Selection,  played by Arden & Carroll, B Roll $17.50
213201  Gershwin, I Got Rhythm played by Arden & Carroll B-Roll  $13.00 ** Temporally out of stock
1-A*      Pitot  Bicentennial Blues & Coney Island Rag as played by the composer Genevieve Pitot B Roll $16.00** Temporally out of stock
71463    Various  Melodies in Blue  1. Chlo-e; 2. Solitude; 3. Sophisticated Lady;
               4. Manhattan Serenade played by Frank Milne B Roll $24.00** Temporally out of stock
216073  Various  Melodies in Blue No.2: 1. My Melancholy Baby; 2. I Can't Give You Anything But Love;
                3. They Didn't Believe Me played by Frank Milne,
B Roll $18.00** Temporally out of stock
213971  Young & Petkere  Starlight  played by  Harry Shipman (Adam Carroll)  B Roll $13.00

     New roll produced by Leedy Brothers for the Ampico.

**  These rolls are always in stock.
All Ampico A pianos will play B rolls.

Please email us before ordering to confirm rolls are in stock as some titles have only 1 or 2 copies remaining.  Payments may be by Money Order, Check, or online with PayPal.  If you want to pay with PayPal, please indicate so in your email, and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the total with shipping.

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